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Solution For Financial Organization



App Features

  • Fund collection onspot from customer
  • Customer data short detail and full detail
  • Registered scheme info under listing under customer data.
  • Secured OTP based withdrawal system along with digital signature confirmation.
  • Customer search and details listing as an extra specific module.
  • Scheme informations
  • Agent Analytics
  • Reports
  • Collection data and commission of agent based on date.
  • Agent expense entry based on the expense category along with amount and description.
  • Agent profile.

Backoffice Features

  • Secured login through a secret key
  • Seamless customer registration
  • Customer listing and management console
  • Agent register based on operation location
  • Agent listing and management
  • Scheme creation
  • Agent commission and expenses
  • Reports
  • Account enrollment based on customer
  • Backup
  • Location configuration

Why Wits Financier

  • Compact data handling
  • Relaible data handling system
  • User friendly interface with quick actions.
  • Accurate reports based on time frame and specific filtrations.
  • Expandable system (Future Insights : Accounts,HR and Payroll,CRM,etc..)
  • Secured access through Cluster control user OTP authentication or unique key based.(Based on preference.)
  • Secure verification for agents
  • Every Process functional calling based on unique long encrypted key approval.
  • Cluster Control access through dedicated ip.
  • Each payment process is considered as transactions along with transaction ID
  • Precise calculations and data sets.

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