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Hospital Management Information System


Our Features

Front desk

Front Desk management module provides for registration of patient where demographic details are captured. All visits of patient are tracked in this module. After registering the visit services can be ordered, bills can be made and cash/credit cards/Cheques can be accepted.

In patient

In Patient Management module provides bed management functions. It provides functionally rich workbench which allows ordering investigations, writing prescriptions and progress notes, bed transfers, marking patient discharges, entering vitals of the patient. You can write discharge summaries in various user customizable formats.


Consulting module provides complete patient data to consultant. Consultant can view their patient's archives, Lab/imaging/Diagnostic reports in single window. Consultant can write his clinical notes and prescriptions, can capture images and see admitted patients’ vitals and other information online.

IP billing

IP Billing module provides functional workbench which facilitates billing of IP patients. You can order the services, make adjustments or allow concessions in the schedule rate.

Surgery management

Surgery management provides functionality for theater booking and captures information of surgeries. It also tracks utilization of Procedure equipments and idle capacity.

Lab management

LIS allows you to define different tests/profiles (packages), parameters and their default values. You can use the default templates for reporting apart from using file based template which can accommodate any reporting modalities.

Retail pharmacy

Pharmacy module provides functionality to record retail cash as well as credit sales. You can sale the drugs based on prescriptions received through the system, identify substitutes on line and fulfill the patient requirements.

Hrm & payroll

HRMS & payroll provides all functionality viz. defining job descriptions, recruitment, Training and appraisal of the employee. You can maintain data of contract employee and calculate their compensation.

Inventory management

Inventory Management provides functionality for making GRAs for capital and inventory items, matching them with purchase orders and posting them to inventory.


Hospatic Financial accounting module is tightly integrated with other modules. It’s an ERP in true sense. Every transaction which takes place in hospital is reflected in financial books immediately.


CRMS provides functionality to handle Business Development and Marketing activities of the hospital. You can define and record data for various Development / Marketing Channels viz. Seminars / CMEs / Camps etc

Appointment booking system

Our online appointment booking system helps doctors, clinics and hospitals to schedule the booking of their patient's on the system in a systematic way. The booking application helps to meet all daily operational challenges faced during the appointment scheduling processes at the hospital.


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